remote sensing solutions for surveying, security and more

Laser scanners, payload integration, large format cameras, inertial measurement systems, gnss equipments, software and accessories.

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QUANERGY LiDAR sensors and smart perception solutions

QUANERGY high performance 3D laser scanner sensors and solutions for mapping, security, public safety, social distancing, people counting, smart cities and smart spaces, industrial applications, automation and transportation. Qortex smart perception software based on AI and machine learning. Distributor for Central and Eastern Europe.

Inertial Labs

RESEPI - Inertial Labs solutions for LiDAR payload integration

RESEPI is a complex and modular LiDAR integration solution, combining GNSS-aided inertial navigation and datalogging with a laser scanner sensor of choice. Real time and post-processed generation of point cloud solutions. Mounts for drones: UAVs, UGVs and more. Manufactured by Inertial Labs, USA, producing professional measurement technology solutions for navigation, positionong and orienting technologies. Distributor for Central and Eastern Europe.

RIEGL laserscanner systems

RIEGL high-end and high-performance TLS, MLS, ALS, ULS and industrial laserscanner solutions, RiCOPTER UAVs, RIEGL software packages offer powerful solutions for multiple fields of application in surveying. RoaData is the official sales partner for Hungary.
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VEXCEL Imaging digital large format aerial camera systems and photogrammetric solutions

Vexcel Imaging offers UltraCam digital aerial cameras based on the latest and most-advanced technology for airborne photogrammetry, with UltraMap, the end-to-end processing workflow software. RoaData is the official sales partner of Vexcel.

Reduct inertial navigation technology for pipeline mapping

Reduct inertial technology for mapping of under the ground pipelines and ducts with high-precision XYZ surveying system. Accurate measurement of the bend radius along a segment of a pipe, cumulative bend radius or undulation informations. Official sales partner of Reduct.

EMLID RTK GNSS solutions with centimeter precision

EMLID Reach single and multi-band RTK GNSS receivers (RS2 and RS+) and UAV navigation moduls (M2 and M+) with ReachView mobile app for mapping, surveying and navigation. Navio2 autopilot drone controller HAT system. Full list of accesories for EMLID product line (antennas, LoRa moduls, adapters, cabels, pods etc.). Official sales partner of EMLID.
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Freefly professional drones

Freefly Alta professional and sturdy drones for laserscanners, photogrammetric and video payloads. Precise flight characteristics and crisp control. Integrated quick release system.

AirFilm frames and mounts

Professional aerial frames and mounts for copters and airplanes for RIEGL ALS LiDAR systems.

360⁰ spherical cameras

Ladybug 5+ 360⁰ spherical cameras and integrations for RIEGL MLS LiDAR systems.


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